Visual artist & academic researcher
My artistic practice is based on the investigation of the female body in transformation. I interweave the female voices of mythology and art history like Daphne and Medusa with a personal contemporary imagery in order to facilitate a polyphonic cross-temporal dialogue about the ways the female body has been allowed to take up space. Absorbed, internalised and finally transformed under its pressures, they told me how to be and where wandering eyes and hands might go. 
My work invites that gaze, only to reflect back the exhaustion and quiet rage its provokes within.

My academic practice revolves around questions of cultural representation of gendered and raced bodies and attitudes of nation-ness within contemporary popular visual culture. I have previously published on Japanese videogames and discursive gendered mythologies of the contemporary artist. 
Currently my brain is mulling over queer resistance, anime bodies as nationalistic resources and oceanic eco-anxiety in videogames.

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